Next version of Bvckup 2 will have a proper understanding of machine's entire storage stack - lettered drives, simple, dynamic and virtual volumes, physical disks, their types, models, connection details, health data, etc.

This will allow the backup engine to automatically adapt its IO strategy to specific devices used in any given backup job. It will also let the program to keep an eye on the devices' health, which is not a bad thing to have either.

The storage stack scanner is adapted from another project of ours called Diskovery and the IO profiling logic is based on the data gathered through CCSIO Benchmark.

While the scanner part is anything but trivial, the most time-consuming part, as per usual, was the UI.

There's a lot of information to be displayed - both the properties of volumes and devices, and how they relate to each other.

As you likely know, a device may host multiple volumes and a volume may span multiple devices. So in a most general case it's a full-mesh, which is the reason why we can't display volumes and devices as a simple hierarchy.

So, after going... ... through ... ... some ... ... options ... ... it became obvious that having two lines per entry was a way to go and that volumes and devices should be on separate lists, both visible simultaneously.

After a bit more sketching the lists arranged themselves into two columns and the scroll bar of the left list went to the left of it: * I must say that the idea of placing that damn scroll bar on the left took waaay too long to converge to. For whatever reason it's just a strangely un-obvious thing to do...

In any case, the result is a layout where we can display relations between volumes and devices with literal, drawn links.

After that just needed to take care of smaller details like scrolling slits... out-of-view arrows... and connector points... and, voilà, we now have something that is both usable and reasonably good-looking. Still to be added is a separate pane for displaying further details - device hardware info, SMART data, etc. This pane will sit at the bottom of the window and will switch between showing volume and device details depending on what's selected above.

Stay tuned for the updates :)
Made by IO Bureau in Switzerland

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