Release 78 will introduce changes to file/folder filtering system to make it a bit more flexible and logical, while also keeping it as point-and-clicky as possible.

In pre-78 releases if you excluded a folder, you weren't able to then go and include some of its subfolders or files. Similarly, it wasn't possible to exclude some of the items in an explicitly included folder.

In fact, it wasn't possible to exclude anything at all if using the Start with an empty list mode or include any item when using the Include everything option.

While this approach mapped on a simpler code and sort of made sense when it was first coded, in retrospect it wasn't that good. So, R78 will come with a fundamental overhaul of the filtering module... and whatever new and exciting bugs that may come with it.

What the middle pane now does is it allows quickly setting the action (include or exclude) for folder and files by simply clicking on them. For files the action is final - if you exclude it, then it is excluded. End of story.

For folders however it also sets a default action for all its files and subfolders. This action may be overriden for any item by clicking on it, which simply reverses the default. So when bvckup2 looks at what to do with any given file or folder, it will first pass it through this set of filters, yielding a preliminary include or exclude action.

Next, the item will be passed through generic filters, from the bottom pane. First hit on any of these determines the outcome. If there are no hits, then the default action it is.

There are also new, finer controls over the filtering flow. In short - it's now possible to mark any generic filter as final, which will suppress generic filter matching for all folder contents.

Bonus material

If you are to think about all this for as looong as I have, you might realize that the Include everything / Start with an empty list selector at the top, this one - is actually no longer needed!

All it does is merely sets the default action for the top directory - and we may just allow doing that by simply clicking on it in the middle pane.

However I think having it a separate option helps making the UI a bit more approachable and easier to use, so it will stay.
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