Wrapping up the Periodic Backup configuration window.

Unlike the v1 that always stored the backup interval as a number of seconds, the v2 adds a time unit specifier.

This simplifies quite a few things in the UI and yet it keeps the configuration flexible enough to support 1.5 hour backups by allowing to specify a 90 minute interval.

On an unrelated note, killed few hours trying to utilize native Windows controls for the interval configuration. The amount of work required to make them look reasonably good is as depressing as it is remarkable.

For example, the editbox control doesn't natively support vertically centering the input text. It just does not. It is meant to look like this -

Want "120" aligned to the label on the left? Sure thing, that'd be 2 hours of plowing through documentation only to realize that it must be... drum-roll... a multiline control that you will then need to manually pad the right amount at the top to push the line to the middle.

But that's peanuts compared to trying to beat some sense into the dropdown box. Long story, but making a box taller and keeping the line centered requires taking over the control drawing functions, which in presence of Windows themes is a delightfully unpleasant experience.

In any case, turning the top control line into the bottom one -

costs exactly a day of work, while it really shouldn't. Welcome to Windows.
Made by IO Bureau in Switzerland

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