The UI will now show read/write byte counts for longer copies, and it will also display the percentage of data that was written out during delta updates. The lower it is, the better.

* Also, the progress bar got a facelift... which should be of little surprise, because it's hardly the first time it ever happened.

May 2013: Jun 2013: Sep 2013: Nov 2013: Nov 2013: Feb 2014: Aug 2015: Dec 2017: The original plan was to switch to the last style, but after testing it on live data it proved to animate very poorly. When IO buffers are large (which is common) that nice right-to-left sliding animation turns into a jumpy-jerky movement which is plain confusing.

In any case, here's a version that made it into R79... ...though that's certainly not the final word in the progress bar saga. Far from it.
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