Another new feature in Release 81 is an option for waking up the computer to run scheduled (periodic) backups.

When enabled, this option will cause the program to ask Windows to wake up the computer around the time of the next scheduled backup run.

If no user interaction is registered while the machine is awake and the backup is running, Windows will put it back to sleep once the backup is done.


One caveat is that the machine should support software-driven wake-ups in general, e.g. they should not disabled at the BIOS level or at the OS level.

Any errors of this sort are reported through the log:

The second caveat is that wake-up timers are imprecise.

Asking for a wake-up at 12:00:00 may translate into computer just starting waking up some 10 to 30 seconds later.

To work around this Bvckup 2 schedules all wake-ups for a bit earlier than the actual backup time and it also tolerates the machine (still) waking up later than needed.

The defaults are 30 and 60 seconds respectively, but, as per usual, they are fully adjustable.
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