R75 is getting an overhaul of the email configuration UI.

Earlier versions had general and alert-specific settings mixed up. For example, "From" doesn't really belong to the alert configuration, while "Include" from General Settings does.

This has been sorted out.

A larger picture here is that the app will be getting additional alert types - e.g. for S.M.A.R.T. diagnostics and backup verification - and this requires a proper structure to support these cleanly.

Also, while at it, the UI got a new framework for handling window transitions between different states.

For example, in the above screencap there's are 5 primary states and 2 intermediate ones. Prior to R75 moving window between these states required quite a bit of hand coding. This is no more, so we can now animate the hell out of any window. Consider yourselves warned :)
Made by IO Bureau in Switzerland

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