Tab control for multi-page configuration windows in general, and for the email notification configuration in particular.

Prior to R75 there was one primary email alert, which was sent on backup completion. Now the app is getting other types of alerts, so the UI needs to be adapted to support that.

The idea is that the config window for specific alert type will give access to both the alert details and general email settings that are recycled between all alert types.

So here are several sketches for organizing page index of a multi-page configuration window. Nothing terribly novel here, it's more just a matter of getting styling details right - make sure it's obvious that it's an index and that its items are selectable.

Option Z (right-most) looks OK, but it's not obvious that index items are actionable as they look like static section headers.

Option Y is a bit better, but the arrow actually points at "From" field and you can bet some people will end up in a stupor because of that.

Option X uses standard Windows white-on-blue for selected item, so it's better in the actionability department. But it doesn't look nice.

Option B attempts to fix that.

Option A attempts the same but using app's own styling of selected items, which is already used in several places in the UI.

Thoughts or comments? There is a thread for that!
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