A list of storage device vendors as observed by Diskovery to date. I must admit that I haven't even heard of at least 3 of these.

Here's few more notable findings from the aggregated analysis of 200+ logs submitted so far:

  • Top three vendors - Seagate (19%), WD (18%) and Samsung (12%)
  • 219 HDDs and 58 SSDs - 79% and 21% respectively.
  • The only SMART attribute present in all SMART reading was #12 - the power cycle count.
  • All but one device also reported power on hours and reallocated sector count .

    This is good news, because the "reallocated" attribute (#5) is the principal predictor of an imminent drive failure. Once you see it starting to climb up, it's time to change the drive.
  • The temperature attribute (#194) was reported by 71% of HDDs and 51% of SSDs. However some devices report temperature readings in different attributes, so these percentages may be off.
  • Attributes in the 17 to 159 are unused (with an exception of one SSD that reports something #64).
  • Lots and lots undocumented attributes. Some vendors have incomplete specs and others (e.g. Seagate) just don't release SMART specs at all. This means that we can't even label some of the attributes.
  • Lots of inaccuracies in the specs too, meaning that it's hard to reliably interpret the attribute's raw values.

    Raw value is a 6-byte sequence of vendor-specific data, so you *must* have a spec to understand them. And you do want to understand them, because that's where the actually interesting data is.

    Regrettably some specs would say that it's just a 48-bit counter, whereby in reality it'll be a 16-bit something followed by a 32-bit counter. Furthermore, certain vendors (e.g. Kingston) tend to change the format not just between their product lines, but between sibling products that are just a model away from each other. It's really quite nuts.
New release is scheduled for the next week, so stay tuned.
Made by IO Bureau in Switzerland

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