The next release (R79) will add support for automatically retrying file system operations that fail for network-related reasons.

More specifically, the backup engine will retry an operation for up to 20 times in 15 sec intervals when running into Unexpected network error, Location is unreachable and several other failures.

This should come especially handy when running larger backups over long connections, e.g. inter-branch VPNs or similar.

Prior to this release the engine already maintained a list of so-called fatal errors that causes a backup to be aborted if any of them is encountered.

These are errors like Disk corrupted or IO device error and they signal an unrecoverable condition that will cause all remaining backup steps to fail the same way.

Network-related failures were also on the list, but now they've been moved on a separate list of retryable errors, for which the engine is, basically, "trying harder".

The UI will still show a total error count in the job's summary, but it will render it in black if all errors were recovered from by retrying. See the In action screengrab for details.

The retry count and the pause interval are configurable, but the 20 x 15 sec default should work well in most cases.

It's also possible to add/remove error codes to both fatal and retryable lists, so if you ever need to retry on, say, Disk full, you can certainly do that too.

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