Next update (80.5) will introduce several improvements to the handling of OneDrive files.

One of these improvements is a new option for excluding and including cloud-stored files/folders based on their local state.

As you probably know, files stored in the OneDrive folder may or may not actually have their data cached locally.

When there's no local copy available, the file is said to be offline and its contents will be retrieved from the cloud storage when the file is accessed. An offline file like this will have either Recall-On-Open or Recall-On-Data-Access attribute set, allowing it to be identified as such.

The Pinned attribute will be set on files that were marked for permanent local storage using "Always keep on this device" - These files will show up with the solid green icon in the Explorer. Conversely, the Unpinned attribute will be set on files that were explicitly purged from the computer using "Free up space" - Finally, there's also an Offline attribute that is set on offline files by older versions of OneDrive.

With release 80.5 it becomes possible to define rules based on these four attributes.

For example, we can exclude all unpinned files from the backup. Once in place, a rule like this will cause Bvckup 2 to remove file's backup when its OneDrive copy is discarded with Free up space.

While not dramatically useful by itself, this change paves the way for another improvement - an option for suppressing file updates if the source file is offline.

See Part 2 for details.
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