A message bar is a unobtrusive way to display one-liner messages that would've otherwise required poping up a message box.

When a program detects that it was just restarted with Admin privileges, it has a limited number of options for communicating this joyous news to its user.

#1 - A message box. Bluntly put - I hate them. They are always too sudden, they steal your attention and stuff whatever they want to say down your throat. They ... lack manners.

#2 - A system tray notification. This is less intrusive, but perhaps it's too out of the way. Also, the systray is a shared area so the program is always competing with other apps for the same screen real estate.

#3 - Something else that is right in your field of view if you are looking at the app, but that doesn't get in a way of whatever you are doing at the moment.

Cue in the message bar, now an integral part of the Bvckup UI. It is used for displaying various status notifications right after the launch, after switching the engine to/from the system service mode, when discovering software updates and few other things.

I have also tried the self-closing version of the bar that dismisses itself on a timeout. Like so -
and so -
but having lived with this for a couple of days, it now seems like a solution in a search of a problem. So I shelved it for now. If there's any a real need for this, it'd be very easy to add later on.
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