Test of a fading transition, part of a small library that deals with supporting UI animations.

Fading animation dissolves a part of a window into background, in preparation for transitioning the window to another state, e.g. moving to the next page in a wizard or resizing the window into a more compact form.

As simple as it sounds, these sort of animation is fairly complex to implement on top of the Windows API.

Windows includes native support for window transparency in a form of layered windows, but it comes with a list of limitations that aren't exactly practical or easy to work, except for several specific cases.

The simplest working solution involves taking a screenshot of the window, creating an overlay window and then using it as a canvas to render the transition from an empty background to the screenshot. All the while making sure that Windows doesn't sneak in an unsolicited window refresh that would lead to a flicker, which in itself is a very "fun" thing to debug.
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