This is the final part of the ultra copier tour and it covers a much improved support for resuming copying after cancellations and IO errors.

It works just as you'd expect - if a copying of a file is interrupted part-way through, then on the next run the copying will resume from around where it was before.

The most interesting bit here is that this works even if the copy is aborted by disconnecting a drive, in the middle of a write. More often than not this will cause data corruption, but the program is now capable of detecting the extent of such corruption and correcting it without recopying the file in full.

†  Some conditions apply

First, this is enabled only for files that are delta-copied, because all resume-related data is saved with the file's delta state.

Second, the source file must remain unchanged between the attempts (as witnessed by its size and timestamps). Because if the source changes, we don't know where the change was, so we must start from the beginning.

Third, the destination file is, obviously, expected to also stay the same, but that's a more general requirement for the delta copying as a whole. Touching target file between the runs will automatically invalidate its delta state and trigger a re-copying.

* For people lacking certain excitement in their lives it is possible to suppress the last check. Inquire within for details.

In addition to recording how far it went in the source file, the ultra copier also remembers the reason for aborting a copy. Three main reasons are the read errors, write errors and user cancellations.

In case of read errors and user cancellations the copier gets a chance to shut down the copying process in an orderly fashion. This ensures a consistent state of the backup copy, so in these cases the copying is always resumable.

In case of write errors it depends.

Recovering from write errors

If we are to yank out an USB drive while it is writing data, the state of the backup copy will be somewhat uncertain. Ditto for the network copies when the router decides it had enough for the day and dies.

So when we are resuming after a write failure, we need a way to ensure that the state of the destination file is consistent with our (or rather delta copier's) view of it.

Ultra does that by keeping track of file ranges that it successfully updated on the last run in a form of a write log. However since we are resuming after a write failure, some of these writes may actually have never hit the storage media even though they were reported as "completed". This is due to all the caching, lazy-writing and outright lying that modern drives do to improve their performance.

For this reason when resuming after a write failure the ultra will go through the write log, read respective parts of the backup copy and check their hashes against those stored in the delta state. If there's a match, we are in clear. Otherwise, it's a block we need to re-copy.

The earliest non-matching block from the write log gives us an adjusted resume point. Simple... with a hint of elegance.

So there you have it...

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All courtesy of the new ultra copier. Coming to an update server near you in a few days...
Made by IO Bureau in Switzerland

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