Next maintenance release adds support for indicating if a backup may be in an indeterminate state due to Bvckup 2 not being shut down cleanly on its previous run.

In particular, this is meant to highlight backups that were active when the host computer ran into a blue screen or experienced a sudden power loss.

Prior to this change the engine was already recording whether a backup job was running, used that to detect incomplete runs and to run a bit of house maintenance.

With this release, the engine also records at which exact phase the job was and then uses this information to purge any cached information that may no longer be accurate.

Most importantly this includes the file index snapshot, a.k.a. the "destination snapshot". If the job was already in the active phase, making changes to the backup location, the engine will discard the snapshot and rebuild it from scratch on the next run.

Will be in 79.25.
Made by IO Bureau in Switzerland

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